About Us

About Us – Blossom Events: The founder and creator of Blossom Events, Eyleen Robles, has many years of experience in weddings and special events planning and coordination. Eyleen the top Tampa event designer, strives to make every occasion a truly special occasion and one that will be remembered and talked about for years to come. Why should you be the one stressing when planning your “special day”. Leave all your worries to us. Without the right wedding planner, planning your wedding could be overwhelming and stressful; however, we’re here to make sure it’s a delightful, exciting and fun experience for you. Blossom Events is the leading Tampa wedding decorator and special events planner in Tampa Florida.  Blossom Events can make your wedding planning feel the exact same way he made you feel when he proposed. Why feel stressed and overwhelmed simply because you have a budget to meet while also achieving the wedding that you’ve always wanted? Blossom events has experienced professional wedding planners and special event planners who work as your personal assistant and “right hand.” From the very beginning of the event planning process, we make sure we understand everything you are looking for in a wedding. We know exactly how important organizing and prioritizing is when planning your special event. Have you ever dreamed of having a beach wedding? Want to see the sun gently kiss the horizon of the ocean as you seal your marriage to your soul mate with a kiss? It is special moments like this that  Blossom Events can bring to you. We take every consideration from the wedding flowers, bouquets, ceremony to the reception decorations while making sure this memory will last a lifetime, not only for you, but for everyone who attends. As the leading Tampa wedding florist and wedding planners, we will make sure not only that it is the biggest day of your life, but also the most memorable, especially with our renowned exquisite wedding bouquets. With years of experience in perfecting “dreams”, we are sure to make your “special day” truly special. People always tell you that brides do not need to have a wedding planner. They always try to assure you that family and friends can help out. Not only will Blossom Events help you plan your wedding, but they assist you with the entire day of events. No one who has a “dream wedding” in mind only focuses on the wedding, they take into perspective the entire day because it’s all about you. By working hand in hand with Blossom Events, we ensure that you can let go while you enjoy your “special day”. Who else would take all things into consideration because of their years of experience in these things? Experts in wedding planning like us will save you money, time and all the stress making sure your vision of your perfect day actually happens without a flaw. We know how vital everything coming together must be.  Blossom Events is not only the leading Tampa wedding florists and decorators for events with absolutely gorgeous wedding bouquets. We also are premier in planning exquisite decorations and floral for any special occasion. We are your one stop for any event from fundraisers to corporate event planning, from vow renewals to birthdays. No matter what the special event,  Blossom Events will have an effect on everyone by stunning and impressing anyone who attends. We easily and professionally balance budget with quality and impeccable designs and decorations.

The services we offer are:

  • Wedding flowers
  • Wedding planning services
  • Special events planning
  • Corporate events planning
  • Wedding bouquets
  • Ceremony décor
  • Wedding centerpieces
  • Ceiling draping
  • Reception décor
  • Chiavari Chairs
  • Up-Lighting
  • Party rentals
  • Furniture rental
  • Gobo