Crushed Taffeta Napkins

                                                                Crushed Taffeta Napkins Rentals  $0.60 Each

Crushed taffeta napkins rentals is a crisp, smooth plain woven fabric made from silk or synthetic fibers.We provide crushed taffeta  napkins rentals with a selection of colors. Taking a wedding or events to the next level can be as simple as trading paper napkins for polyester napkins rentals.  Bringing a modern and sophisticated look to wedding reception tables with our Crushed taffeta. Excellent 20″ x 20″ Crushed taffeta napkins for weddings and events. As decorative events napkins, you can use these fabric napkins in your desired colors to implement your style palette. Crushed taffeta napkins add a special touch to any occasion. crushed taffeta is versatile and durable and will enhance any of your event needs.