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Polyester purple tablecloths rentals


Satin-Purple tablecloths rentals


Pintuck tablecloths rentals


RibbonTaffeta tablecloths rentals


Crushed Taffeta tablecloths rental

Crushed Taffeta

Embroidered-taffeta tablecloths rental

Sequin Embroidery Taffeta


Rosette Satin

Pinched Wheel Taffeta

Pinched Wheel


Glitz SequinsFUSH

Glitz Sequins

Crush Iridescent

 Accordion Taffeta Tablecloths

Accordion Taffeta

Spandex tablecloths


Sienna tablecloth


Scale tableclotj


Chemical Lace tablecloths

Chemical Lace


Flower Sequined Organza

sparkle-organza tablecloth



Petal Circle Taffeta

Embroidered-Organza Tablecloth

Embroidered Organza

Tablecloths rentals are the perfect choice for any special event. We offer a range of prices for tablecloth rentals. The perfect event reception presentation starts with the right linen tablecloths. We offer many options for tablecloths rentals from white, black, red, blue, yellow to any custom colors and patterns. Our tablecloths are available in different fabric designs, colors and sizes. You can choose a variety of materials for your table cloth.  From satin, polyester, crushed taffeta, pin-tuck and more. We have the perfect tablecloth for your special event. Our tablecloths can compliment and create the perfect presentation.  We cover different shapes and sizes for any table.  From either a long banquet or round table. Our wedding tablecloths will add a touch of class to any event.  Rental tablecloths can turn a simple table from a bland table into a masterpiece. We offer tablecloths for both your ceremony and reception. Our tablecloths are always freshly clean and ironed for your event. Whether your event might be a wedding, birthday party, or special event, we have you covered. We can create a stress free environment that fits your schedule and budget. We can either set the tablecloths for you, or you can come and pick it up. You have come to the right place for your tablecloths rental needs.