Flower sequined organza tablecloths rentals


                            Round 120`-$37.00 each-Round 132`-$42.00 Each

Flower Sequined Organza Tablecloths Rentals is the excellent way to make any table luxurious and elegant.The floral pattern is carefully embroidered into the fiber of the Organza pattern forming a beautiful floral vine design. The fabric  has a subtle shimmer when hit with any type of light giving it that vibrant quality.  Flower sequined organza is a Light weight with a very soft hand feel fabric.  This Fabric is Sheer with a elegant Swirl design. Then to top it off there are single pieces of sequin that are sewn in to the petals to make the design stand out. Flower Sequined Organza is a traditional tone on tone Organza Embroidery with sequin. This fabric is an essential to any overlay use for an event. Perfect way to add some color and texture to the drab white or cream linens that are provided by the venue. Excellent for overlay a plain tablecloth and gives a great accent and elegance to any reception table.