Sequin embroidery taffeta tablecloth rentals

                                 Round 120`-$23.00 each-Round 132`-$25.00 Each

Sequin embroidery taffeta tablecloth rentals for events. Features a subtle shine of taffeta. Made from our luxurious taffeta embroidered with a patterned grid. This fabric is embellished with a gorgeous sequined two inches circles pattern. The circles feature a glitz sequins that overlap to reduce plain areas and truly shine. A high quality fabric that was carefully crafted in a unique pattern. Dazzle the decorations of your wedding with these unique sequined tablecloths. A stunning tablecloth linens that will make a difference in you tables. Add a touch of sparkle with our sequin embroidery tablecloth rentals. Our sequin embroidery tablecloth comes in several elegant colors to choose. Will give your tables a modern sophistication with a ultra high end look. Bring a touch of sparkle to your wedding tables with our  tablecloths rentals. This specialty table linen is perfect for upscale weddings and events. For occasions that call for extra glam and glitz. This extravagant piece is a picture perfect choice. Making your event a special one with this unique and beautiful sequin embroidery tablecloths. Make your event one special with unique and beautiful tablecloths. This tablecloth is excellent for gives a great accent and elegance to any table.We take care of the pickup and cleaning of the linens.  Leaving you the to a worry free event where you can enjoy your special night with family and friends. Without stress and hassle that comes with setting up a party.