Spandex tablecloths rentals

                              Round 120`-$15.00 each-Round 132`-$18.00 Each

Spandex tablecloths rentals will create a unique and exquisite look. This fabric is a blend of polyester and Lycra which make a sharp crisp angles. Will transforms any table into a beautiful eye catching  smooth look. Adding instant glam with modern fitted  tablecloths. With the flexibility of the spandex fabric you never have to worry about wrinkles. Spandex tablecloths coverings give a refreshed sophisticated look. From ordinary banquet tables with a flexible on the size and available in a variety of colors. Emphasizing the chair shape with sleek clean spandex lines. They are flexible in their use and they be used anywhere from elegant parties to business conferences. Spandex tablecloths is the most current and up dated fashion look for table linens.  The sleek and stylish alternative to cover up a standard banquet tables. Works great with our wireless lights to create a more dramatic look.  The white spandex allows the color changing light to create the effect beautifully.We offer to either have it ready for you to pick up and do the set up on your own or we can set the event for you.