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 Ceiling drapery decorations is the best way to transform a space. If you are looking to add a WOW factor to your wedding reception, then take a look at the ceiling-drapery decorations from Blossom Events. Ceiling-drapery for weddings makes a dramatic statement improving the appearance of any room and gives a luxury for your big day. From ceiling to walls  drapes with beautiful fabrics will give the elegance to any room. There are so many different ways to drape depending on the type of ceiling and we are always coming across new ways to drape and creating different styles.  Did you find the reception hall of your dreams? But is there one tiny problem, an unsightly ceiling or ugly walls? The simple beautiful solution is to cover it up! draping hundreds of tiny white lights, swags of fabric, or paper lantern  add a simple touch of elegance to your event with interesting materials and nature-driven accents can help turn a boring ballroom into a designer showcase. Ceiling & Drapery will distract from the ceiling  give your room an added radiance. Transform your venue’s columns or tent poles from annoying distractions into artful decor by wrapping them in strings  fabric.Whether it’s an elegant venue, a rustic barn nuptials, drapery is a decorative element that can make a huge impact at your event.  When done right ceiling drapery your reception or ceremony can take your venue from pretty to pretty amazing in one second!…If your reception venue has wallpaper or paint that will clash with your wedding decor  or even if it doesn’t!, you can create another world within the room with ceiling & drapery. Choose a fabric that matches your wedding colors, or pick white for a clean, classic look. Draping just the ceiling can also make the space feel totally different.