Backdrops for weddings that put the wow factor setting the scene for your wedding ceremony or reception. Your wedding ceremony backdrop can set the tone for the day and can be a great place to establish the theme or color for the wedding. Wedding backdrops are amazing they look so fun in pictures and they double as beautiful wedding decor. Can add elegance to the bride and groom table, and create a strong focal point at your wedding ceremony and reception. Even the most stunning locations often need a little something extra when it comes to getting the ceremony and reception ready for a wedding, Our stunning wedding backdrop designs will do just that!. A Backdrop will serve not only to cover up wallpaper that clashes with the decoration, but to also create a more elegant and set the ambiance for your romantic day, including the bride and groom backdrop, band or DJ  and cake stage. The same colors, style, fabrics and even theme are used in a Backdrop to create a cohesive look getting the ceremony and reception ready for a wedding. Custom designed for you according to your decor style, color theme, & venue.  We will create a backdrop to work with your color theme, in your choice of material & size requirements. You can use backdrops behind the cake table, for the reception, the ceremony or even for a photobooth. Anyway you look at it having a wedding backdrop is a good idea. Adorn your backdrop with your choice of accessories such as crystal curtains, crystal columns, floral, lanterns, extended wall draping, up lighting, twinkly lights  and more.