Blossom Events  Services are in  grand variety, not only is the  Blossom Events wedding planning specialists, but they are also a very gifted and exquisite wedding florist and decorators  in Tampa as well. Working not only to make the most gorgeous and astounding wedding bouquets,  Blossom Events also plans elaborate special events, too. As Tampa florists,  Blossom Events understands beauty and creativity when it comes to planning your event.

Our Services range from:

Wedding flowers
Wedding planning services
Special events planning
Corporate events planning
Wedding bouquets
Ceremony planning
Wedding centerpieces
Ceiling draping
Reception décor
Wedding cakes
Silk flowers rental
Chairs rental


Since  Blossom Events is comprised of creative and gifted florists in Tampa, you will see creations with their wedding bouquets that you have never seen before.  Blossom Events has experienced professionals who are artists in their work and create masterpieces to complement your dream day. No matter your wedding style may be, they have the perfect arrangement of wedding bouquets, wedding flowers and decorations for your “dream wedding.”


 Blossom Events has professionals with many years of experience in wedding planning to help you synchronize, prioritize and plan your special day. We also know how important a budget is while also balancing that budget with the perfect day in your mind. We work with you from the beginning to make sure you get everything you want for the price that works for you with our wedding planning services. Our creativity knows no bounds when it comes to hitting your budget and creating a “dream come true” for you.


Not only does  Blossom Events plan eloquent, exquisite weddings, but they also plan special events as well. Whether you’re renewing your vows, bar mitzvahs, or birthdays, the Flowers Blossom can help you create a very memorable event. No matter the budget, any event you plan with  Blossom Events would be artistically decorated and executed. We take your ideas and dreams and turn them into a reality.


Do you want to impress your employees or impress your boss?  Blossom Events can help you impress anyone with their organization, decorating talents, and ability to create an event for your employer or employees that no one will forget.  Blossom Events can create artistic masterpieces that will astound everyone who attends your corporate event. A beautiful and entertaining event is within your grasp no matter what the budget may be.  Blossom Events will help you create a memorable corporate event.


 Blossom Events has gorgeous, fresh flowers to decorate for your “special day”, but they also have an amazing assortment of wedding bouquets. Anything your heart can imagine to make your day more special,  Blossom Events can create it for you. The experienced professionals with Blossom Events can create the most stunning wedding bouquets to compliment your “special day.”


Do you have a ceremony coming up and you do not know how to create an awe-inspiring event?  Blossom Events can help you with your ceremony planning a wondrous and spectacular event. Whenever you decide to plan an event, you never want a mediocre one. You do not want your guests to be bored.  Blossom Events can ensure that everyone invited to your ceremony will have a good time as well as be impressed by the creativity and eloquence of the event.


When planning a beautiful wedding, wedding centerpieces must not be forgotten. Wedding centerpieces set the mood and also add elegance to the table as well as the atmosphere.  Blossom Events makes very detailed and gorgeous centerpieces to place on tables for the wedding and the wedding reception.


Have you ever attended an event where they had ceiling draping to accentuate the room as well as the wedding decorations? Nothing creates a more elegant and glamorous decoration than using ceiling draping for your wedding and wedding reception décor needs. Ceiling draping creates the illusion of larger and fancier rooms without spending lots of money. Ceiling draping is just another way  Blossom Events helps you create a luxurious wedding a while staying within your budget.


Reception decorations are one of the most important parts of your special event. After a wedding, everyone goes to the reception area to meet the newlyweds and to also enjoy a relaxing and elegant evening. The reception decorations must be relaxing yet glamorous and appealing. Blossom  Events will help you perfect your reception decorations.


Wedding cakes can be bought anywhere; however, if you want a high quality and beautiful cake table decorations,  Blossom Events has the perfect decorations for you. Biting into the wedding cake with your spouse is the biggest part of the reception after your wedding. Having the perfect wedding cake table decorations to share with your soul mate in front of everyone is essential. Blossom Events has the most delectable and gorgeous cakes table decorations in the Tampa Bay area.


Sometimes silk flowers are what you want for your wedding. Blossom Events has a large assortment of silk flowers for rental. We are your one stop shop for all of your wedding and event planning needs. If silk flowers are what you need, Blossom Events has them in a various assortment and available at any time.Besides the wedding dress, one thing is definitely essential for an ideal wedding. Chairs for your ceremony are needed. Whether these chairs are for a wedding or a special event, chairs rentals are available with Blossom Events. Sometimes you never know how many people will come to your special event. You can always plan ahead with chair rentals with  Blossom Events.